Somewhere In The Rainbow presents A Modern Gem and Jewelry Collection

The specimens in this exquisite collection of gems, gemstones, and minerals have been specially selected to engage the public with the beauty, science, history and geography of gemstones.

Somewhere In The Rainbow, an organization dedicated to expanding public knowledge and appreciation of gemstones, has curated this exhibit in collaboration with the UA Mineral Museum, the American Gem Trade Association, and the Gemmological Institute of Great Britain (known as Gem-A).

For thousands of years, gemstones have enchanted humankind. Nothing else shines like these natural crystals, and this exhibit explores the multifaceted magnificence of the gem world. Visitors will discover gemstones from six different countries, including the renowned Buddha Blue sapphire from Sri Lanka that was faceted around 1400-1500AD.

Historic specimens gleam alongside modern jewelry creations from master artisans. The displays feature works from twenty outstanding lapidary artists and designers, all of them winners of the coveted Spectrum Award given annually by the American Gem Trade Association. And to show how gem cutting has developed over time, this exhibit will trace the evolution of gem cutting styles with examples from eleven of today’s top gem cutters.

Gemstones begin as mineral crystals that form deep in the earth. Those crystals are then transformed into glittering jewels by artisans who cut and shape them to enhance their natural beauty. In this one-of-a-kind exhibit, visitors will come to appreciate the origins, the artistry, and the captivating sparkle of gems and gemstones.